It seems like just another part of your check list for Conference attendance, but completing your Profile is much more than that.

For the Travel Planner your profile gives important details about not only the demographics of your followers (group size, age, number of trips) but more importantly what they enjoy doing, seeing and experiencing on their trips.  Finally, it especially show the industry 1where do you want to go next!

Taking a moment to honestly complete your profile is the best way to guide those in the travel industry who can best fill your travel needs. They are the professional who specialize in the group market and will have new and inventive ways to service your group members.

For the Travel Industry our secret to success in your profile is not only give the Planner insight the services you provide, but any new and exciting additions that you want to showcase. Make your statement impactful for the Planners as they are completing their appointment schedule. This is your intro even if you have known the delegate for years!

Remember, our goal is to make a “perfect match” during Marketplace.  Pre-Planning and care in completing your Conference Profile is the best way to start!

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