Bags are packed and you are ready to hit the road of discovery.  At the Conference you will be meeting with the best of the best in the group travel industry.

After you have submitted your appointment request, we take all requests from all delegates and complete your schedule. Your appointment takes place in our Marketplace area where all Travel Planners are seated in their booth area while the Travel Industry proceeds to the appointment.

Appointments are time at 6 minutes intervals and your conference will have two Marketplace Sessions in order to give as many as possible Appointments to pick up new ideas and inspiration!

Some terms that you will see on your final appointment schedule:

  • Perfect Match: When both delegates have requested an appointment with each other.
  • Buyer Match: The Travel Planner has requested an appointment.  This means that the Planner has an idea that they want to discuss with the Travel Industry Delegate for travel this year or next.
  • Seller Match: The Travel Industry requested a meeting with the Travel Planner.  They have some new and exciting news to share.
  • Random Match: Often a Random Match is the most profitable to each side of the table.  A random match means that although you did not request the appointment it is a great opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and learn about people and places that are new to you.  Relax and enjoy the one-on-one conversation that can take you to exciting new destinations.

Have a game plan ready for the Marketplace in who you need to see, what travel plans you want to discuss and where you are going next.  Don’t just “wing it”.  Prepare.

For all appointments come prepared with plenty of business cards!

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