You never get a second chance to make a first impression. ~ Saying by Will Rogers and many others!

There are three things to consider when dressing for success at the Conference. Your Feet, your feet, your feet!

The number one rule at the Conference is that it is hard to be fun and interesting if your feet hurt.  Remember that Convention Center floors are concrete and even a little walking and standing in spike heels or hard soles can be challenging.  Be comfortable. Alternate shoes throughout your conference stay.

As to the rest…

Making a great first impression can be the difference between someone you trust and someone you may choose to pass up.  Even when you are off duty (think on the plane there will be your next client!)  you are still representing your company or travel group.  That first impression relays to everyone that your are organized, reliable and focused on making great travel connections.

Have you ever been to any conference that the indoor temps are just like you like it at home?  It can be too hot or too cold.  Be prepared.  Be flexible in what you bring and layer for the Marketplace Floor.  Industry walks, so they get warm.  Planners remain in the Booth, so bring a wrap for the air conditioning.  Comfort is key.

Special event dressing.  Sometimes at a Conference there will be special events that you may pack specific items.  The Conference Team will advise you in plenty of time to pack for those special events, but most days and nights are to be considered CONFERENCE CAUSUAL.

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