Membership Benefits

Benefits to Members

Select Traveler brings together hundreds of Loyalty Program Directors in face to face meetings.

When you join Select Traveler, your program will be in the company of hundreds of other clubs, all with a common goal, building and serving your senior customer base. The benefits of Select Traveler membership does not stop there. You'll receive subscriptions to our two bi-monthly publications, Select Traveler Management Magazine and BankShot newsletter. These will keep you up to date with the industry, both travel and banking. In addition, your membership will include educational opportunities throughout the year and Select Traveler membership I.D. material.


Receive Select Traveler Management Magazine
Bi-Monthly electronic BankShot Newsletter
Select Traveler Conference Discount
Membership I.D.
Networking Opportunities with Select Traveler Bulletin Board

You'll receive subscriptions to our bi monthly publication and our electronic version of BankShot newsletter.

Best of all, membership to Select Traveler is affordable at $395 annually for Travel Industry. Select Traveler membership is an investment in your financial institutions future... we invite you to join today! Contact us now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.